Friday, May 23, 2014

Gulmohars of May 2014 - Introduction

There is a charming little bookshop in one of the anonymous lanes of Pune, managed by an old woman of quiet dignity. If you were to visit her on some drowsy summer afternoon, as the month of May has been this year and strike a conversation, she will probably tell you about trees. 

Trees that lined up both sides of the road, branches that intermingled overhead like a tunnel, drafting shade and breeze through it. Walking was an experience then, one noticed a lot, lingered over little details. Then the city came crawling with its population and waywardness. Tar crept over earth, roads were widened for the business of survival, the tired employment to residence to and fro. Sure as life and death, the trees disappeared.

But even in the fiery blinding, sapping heat, one can still arrive amidst a procession of root, trunk, branch, tendril, creeper, flower and leaf crumble. There are still trees that are allowed to grow through roofs, areas that builders haven't yet made blueprints for,  there is enough to relish for a season. Gulmohars, the most ubiquitous of all of them, in reddish life vibrancy of bloom, discovered in the most unlikely places, among ruins, rubble, bricks, empty places, chimneys, factories, dereliction and traffic chaos.

Over the next fortnight, this blog showcases gulmohars, all photographed on one particular day, in one particular area of Pune.  

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